Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Myotherapy Schools

While there are several options in obtaining a myotherapy education, one has various options to enroll in a myotherapy educational institution or gain self-study lesson training and education through online learning or distance education programs.

Myotherapy schools offer training in specific trigger-point treatment that facilitates a variety of diagnostics and unique bodywork technique to effectively treat musculoskeletal disorders. Standard curriculums often include, of course, hands-on myotherapy training; in addition to students learning how to assess patients based on pathological conditions affecting muscle function; how to implement treatment plans by applying a variety of myotherapy techniques; and how to monitor and manage patient progress.

Myotherapy school courses may include but are not limited to introduction to massage therapy; anatomy and physiology; stress and pain related syndromes; massage therapy professionalism; acutherapy; hydrotherapy; mind-body interrelation; trigger-point therapy; kinesiology; polarity therapy; basic business skills; and other coursework relevant to myotherapy training.

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